Become an Expert in Power BI

Become an Expert in Power BI

Get the best training in Power BI analytics, increase your analytical capabilities and improve your work performance.

BI Academy I

BI Academy I

A workshop for business analysts or anyone who wants to improve their analytical skills. You will learn the following:

  • How to prepare analysis in Power Pivot
  • How to connect to database
  • How to create relational model by connecting different tables
  • Basic DAX functions
  • How to prepare reports in Power BI
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BI Academy II

BI Academy II

Continuation of BI Academy I, with more advanced exercises for those who are already familiar with Power BI. You will learn:

  • The process of ETL (extract, transform, load)
  • How to use Power Query for data transformation
  • How to prepare dynamic titles and advanced measures to compare different time periods
  • Advanced visualization techniques (deviations)
  • Best practices for Power BI dashboards
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BI Coaching

BI Coaching

One-on-one consultation and coaching to develop the best solution for your specific requirements.

  • Personalized approach to every individual or organization
  • Gaining new business analytics skills
  • Coaching is tailored to your skill level and learning speed
  • The end result are custom reports, advanced measures or solutions that are specific to your organization
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Suzana Jan
Controlling Eta d.o.o. Cerkno

I would recommend BI workshops to everyone!

I have learned a lot of usefull tips and tricks during BI academy that have increased my work productivity as I use them daily. The skills acquired in the workshop make creating different types of analyses easier and faster, so I recommend the workshop to every Excel user.

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